About Us: About our company

TangoNoticias is a registered Trading name of US limited which has the authority to deal with the people ofUS limited for their need of guarantor loan. We are entered in the Financial Services Register under reference number: XXXX.

During this time of recession where global market has witnessed up and down in the world; lending market and the customers have also seen the down fall. It is becoming very difficult for the customers to borrow a loan from the bank and the banks are also reluctant to take any risk about the people with the bad history. Many of our customers borrow for an assortment of causes from paying off credit cards and loans to doing home improvements, going on vacations and even sometimes for emergency needs so whatever reason you need the funds it’s up to you what you decide to do with it.

At TangoNoticias we do understand that it is always difficult to find the best borrowing solutions for people who may have no credit or slow credit.  But we offer people that come to us and join us and take guarantor loan even though you have a bad score. Find a buddy or colleague who is there to assist you in this hour and leave rest of things on our shoulders as we know how to take responsibility. We ensure that you get the best and affordable guarantor loan from us.

At TangoNoticias we provide the platform where you can borrow from £500 up to £5,000, and pay it back over a period you can afford between 12 and 18 months. Our loan is reviving the traditions where a person acknowledges the trust of other person by knowing someone who repays a loan, in times of need. This kind of loan is helping those family members or people who are unable to pay back the loan or can take the loan due to some previous or current financial bad marks. With the help of this loan

One of the exclusive benefits of our guarantor loan is that you can rebuild your credit score by making the payments on time. This can make it more likely that you’ll be accepted for conventional unsecured loans and credit cards in the future with lower rates of interest.

The amount of the loan is varied and it is decided as per the worth and your creditability to repay. The process is quick with less hassle and documentation. A person has to apply online; fill some basic information and upon receiving the call and email from lender has to pursue further with the guarantor details. Once we verify the details we call the customers and guarantor, get the agreement signed and the process is as simple as anything. The approved application is then processed and money is transferred into account. There are no associated excess fees or even hidden charges with the application processing.

For more information please feel free to call us at 020466537 or can apply online tangonoticias.com. One can also reach as at our registered office address at 36 London Road Maccelsfield.