How we work

How our application process works

Our believe is that is if we are transparent and honest the customers will get the best from us and this is the key for a successful lender in the market. Our guarantor loan application works considerably different from other form of loans like logbook, payday loan and even the secured forms of loan like mortgage. The reason is that here two people are directly and indirectly associated with the loan and subsequently its repayments as well. It is not as simple like entering the details and no checks are required and a person will get a loan without any security. Now days banking and lending sector is making them risk free and in order to ensure the customer safety and loss of asset we check the guarantor as well. The key distinction of Guarantor loan with other loan is that you are entering the contact details of your guarantor too and based on the guarantor’s credit rating and thus you loan is processed as per the creditability.

Each and every lender of guarantor loan has their processing mechanism and every one ensures that they are secured in terms of payments. At TangoNoticias our process is simple and easy. Once you decided to apply for a loan visit our website at or can call us at 02055667736 and you will be required to fill some simple information of yours. You will be asked o enter the amount you wish to borrow and how long for. This information is quite important and critical and it helps us to check the affordability to assess how much you can afford to borrow and how long you need to repay without being financially strong. Once the information is filled you will be asked to enter the name, age, gender, email id and some other important information. Once a person submits the application a call or the email is received from us. In this email or call; you will be asked to provide the guarantor details and then the credit check is performed for the guarantor. We also ensure that emergency details and the guarantor acceptance and credit history is with us. For that we ensure that during process they show us their worth in form of income statement.

Once all the information is verified you are requested to visit office with the guarantor and then here you have to sig the documents. During that session all terms and conditions are explained and a borrower is requested to provide his debit card or personal account details. Once all paper work is done the amount is transferred in to the borrower account. This gives the guarantor a last chance to alter their mind if they want and once money is transfer the deal is closed and can’t be revert back.

At TangoNoticias we ensure that all the processes are well elaborated and kept informed to the client as well. We are all done we are happy to take them on board and that is why we are always available to provide instant support related to guarantor loans.