Loan Costs

Loan Costs: The cost of our loans

An unsecured form of loan which is famously known as guarantor loan is a type of that requires a guarantor to co-sign the credit agreement in front of the lending officer. This agreement ensures that in the absence of the non- payment by the first party, which is the borrower the third party i-e guarantor has to pay the loan amount. Guarantor loans are considerably seen as alternatives to payday loans, logbook loans, mortgage or sometimes personal loans as well. These loans are specially designed for the people who have no – credit history or even have a bad credit history. On the other hand they take the other aspect; where the grantor normally friend, family member or colleague has a good credit score and has a score of regular income as well.

It is important to notice that this type of loan doesn’t have a fixed amount to be given to the borrower. The loan amount varies from customer to customer as well lender to other lender. However the basic criteria are to see the worth, creditability and the affordability of both borrower and the guarantor. Same as that the loan tenure defines the time period whereas the more the tenure to repay the more the APR and the interest rate will be. Once a person visits the website h/she can see the minimum loan amount; which is £500 whereas they can also have the maximum amount which is£5000. Same as that the tenure is also given. Our loan is quite easy to avail and has easy repayment plans as well. It is entirely dependent of you need and then the repayment capacity as well.

We ensure that the plans for repayment helps the customers to pay back the amount with in the given time frame and apart from that if a person is able to pay back the amount earlier than the given period; we happily accept that request. In that case we are not charging any excess fee for the early settlements as well as there are no hidden cost associated with our loan applications as well. Since you enter online or visit our office; we don’t ask you to pay any money till the time agreement are signed and the loan is processed.

Our APR and Interest rates are quite reasonable unlike other lenders in the market. We want our borrowers to have a peace of mind and we don’t give any excess fee and settlement charges; but we do intimate then in case of failure of payment. Since we have guarantor details as well; we intimate them timely about the non- payment. In case to avoid any surcharges and excess fee; we appreciate that you contact our service team timely and before the issue occurs.

TangoNoticias is always there o help you in need and in case of any problem or details you can visit us at our website or call us at 02054777693. We will be pleased to assist you with your inquiry.